Monday, May 25, 2009

one color process red

I guessed I am fascinated by the one color process ad. For one reason most likely I will be working with clients with a low budget.   People on low budget may to save money on printing with only one color.  

Red is the only hue is this ad. The red hue has several shades of red. The major contrast in one hue is black.  The black has different values of grays creating shadows in the face and texture in the hair. The grays gives faces in the layout more life; it makes it interesting. Even some of the type is written in gray and the focal word is written in black. 
What caught my attention to this flier was reverse proportional size.  The heads are bigger than the body.  It reinforce the importance to remember to bring foundational information into my design today.     

Hopefully, analyzing other layouts will help me design my own basic layout.  If I am restricted to one color.  I see that using fundamental principals from 2-D will helped me.

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