Saturday, May 9, 2009

 After portfolio day, I was convinced to be organizing and to give myself more time to perform task because it takes longer than I imagine.  I saw how I was not prepared.  It hurt me.  The worked that I printed was not the final draft.  So I had something to show but it was not my best worked on the presentation.  Even though it was not my best worked, I still saw that I had room to learn with my type.  I felt like I barely touched the surface with type.

 I talked to Greg Ross  He told me it was a good thing that I was in school for another year so that I can work on my type. I was surprised and hurt to hear him say it.

 After looking at his web sits I can see how I can get better.  He plays with type. It was very interesting.

I asked for his suggestion he suggest that I read books on type and looked at different layouts in magazines.  So I know this is an area that really needs to be developed.  In art 308, I recalled reading the importance of type.  It is really critical.  It is not an area that I want to slack in or continue to be weak.

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