Monday, May 18, 2009


The reason I picked up this flyer because of the color.  I recalled Connie saying color is very important in graphic design.  Color can grab someones attention.  But these two colors are very interesting to me mute color and  blue.  The colors reminded me the rage I experience when my uncle bought my mom a blue chair to go into a brown office.  I thought the chair clash.  My cousin told me all I have to do is buy a throw pillow that has both blue and brown in it.  So when I went to pick up the pillow the first color I went to grab the light  mute color containing light blue and beige.  I said to myself the pillow would blend together in harmony.  I decided to get a bright colors in the pillows to make intensity and value contrast.  Aiming to make contrast made a difference in the room.  So I can see that I am learning how to adjust color. 

I also look at the basic design in the flyer how the organic shape over lays a geometric shape. The wood floor has straight horizontal lines.  The transparent image overlaps the boxes.  I think about the elements of design.  How it is important to use design principals if I hope to create interesting  graphic design. 

 I remember taking an advance black and white class.  There were a hand full of people who were fine art photographers.  So they applied elements of design into their work.  The seed was planted that if I wanted to take interesting photos.  I really need to learn elements of design. I left the classes believing that I needed to learn about art and design. I took the graphic design class and felt at home. 

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