Saturday, May 30, 2009

This is nice budget ad from Home Depot.  The problem is the type touches the white edge of the paper it ruined the ad.  The photograph images are captivating.  It appears some professional photographer photograph the images.  The problems is from the designer.

I guessed attitude of the designer really counts a lot.  A low end ad can be captivating interesting intriguing because of the style that went into it.  Now, I  am looking at a mid range ad looking tacky because the type is touching the edge.  

Monday, May 25, 2009

one color process red

I guessed I am fascinated by the one color process ad. For one reason most likely I will be working with clients with a low budget.   People on low budget may to save money on printing with only one color.  

Red is the only hue is this ad. The red hue has several shades of red. The major contrast in one hue is black.  The black has different values of grays creating shadows in the face and texture in the hair. The grays gives faces in the layout more life; it makes it interesting. Even some of the type is written in gray and the focal word is written in black. 
What caught my attention to this flier was reverse proportional size.  The heads are bigger than the body.  It reinforce the importance to remember to bring foundational information into my design today.     

Hopefully, analyzing other layouts will help me design my own basic layout.  If I am restricted to one color.  I see that using fundamental principals from 2-D will helped me.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

one color process blue

 I chose this article because of the one color blue is used in the layout.  I hear some customers on a tight budget may want a designer to design something using one color if he can save money. 

In this layout although blue is the color, there are at least three shades of blue light blue, medium blue, and  dark blue.   The color white is used in the layout and in the type.  It is amazing even with a restriction to one color.  There is an opportunity to make an interesting layout using one color.   

Shapes and lines are used in an interesting manner as well.  The  dark blue line connects and overlaps the dark blue bleeding box with the medium blue in the background.  This connection with the thin line to the bigger box to the dark blue box creates a sense of design.  The type face used in the "T" has movement that grabs the attention.  On the other side the light blue boxes on the top and the bottom connects it to the other side. There is more textural information with less dynamics effect.  The thin lines giving it a touch of movement in a settle  manner.  Settle activities with stars. I guessed what I learned from this flyer if I was to work with one color and the element of design to make the layout interesting. I see one color limited me to only one color.  I can have several shades of one color plus black and white. 

I really liked this simple layout using the elements of design

Monday, May 18, 2009


The reason I picked up this flyer because of the color.  I recalled Connie saying color is very important in graphic design.  Color can grab someones attention.  But these two colors are very interesting to me mute color and  blue.  The colors reminded me the rage I experience when my uncle bought my mom a blue chair to go into a brown office.  I thought the chair clash.  My cousin told me all I have to do is buy a throw pillow that has both blue and brown in it.  So when I went to pick up the pillow the first color I went to grab the light  mute color containing light blue and beige.  I said to myself the pillow would blend together in harmony.  I decided to get a bright colors in the pillows to make intensity and value contrast.  Aiming to make contrast made a difference in the room.  So I can see that I am learning how to adjust color. 

I also look at the basic design in the flyer how the organic shape over lays a geometric shape. The wood floor has straight horizontal lines.  The transparent image overlaps the boxes.  I think about the elements of design.  How it is important to use design principals if I hope to create interesting  graphic design. 

 I remember taking an advance black and white class.  There were a hand full of people who were fine art photographers.  So they applied elements of design into their work.  The seed was planted that if I wanted to take interesting photos.  I really need to learn elements of design. I left the classes believing that I needed to learn about art and design. I took the graphic design class and felt at home. 

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Wells Fargo

    Here is a Wells Fargo layout that uses different size type and color red and black.  I feel there a playful movement with the type.  The student Guide to is in black in small text and Good Credit is bold and red.  As I write this stuff out, I see the high achy.  Yes, students are being address but the important topic is Good Credit. 

 After portfolio day, I was convinced to be organizing and to give myself more time to perform task because it takes longer than I imagine.  I saw how I was not prepared.  It hurt me.  The worked that I printed was not the final draft.  So I had something to show but it was not my best worked on the presentation.  Even though it was not my best worked, I still saw that I had room to learn with my type.  I felt like I barely touched the surface with type.

 I talked to Greg Ross  He told me it was a good thing that I was in school for another year so that I can work on my type. I was surprised and hurt to hear him say it.

 After looking at his web sits I can see how I can get better.  He plays with type. It was very interesting.

I asked for his suggestion he suggest that I read books on type and looked at different layouts in magazines.  So I know this is an area that really needs to be developed.  In art 308, I recalled reading the importance of type.  It is really critical.  It is not an area that I want to slack in or continue to be weak.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

HSBC mailers

 I was      looking at this mailer because I thought it would be easier to scan into the computer and move on from there. the mailer uses some design principals exaggeration with body parts.  The face is larger than the body.  In printing it one color red.  Its clean and simple