Sunday, May 24, 2009

one color process blue

 I chose this article because of the one color blue is used in the layout.  I hear some customers on a tight budget may want a designer to design something using one color if he can save money. 

In this layout although blue is the color, there are at least three shades of blue light blue, medium blue, and  dark blue.   The color white is used in the layout and in the type.  It is amazing even with a restriction to one color.  There is an opportunity to make an interesting layout using one color.   

Shapes and lines are used in an interesting manner as well.  The  dark blue line connects and overlaps the dark blue bleeding box with the medium blue in the background.  This connection with the thin line to the bigger box to the dark blue box creates a sense of design.  The type face used in the "T" has movement that grabs the attention.  On the other side the light blue boxes on the top and the bottom connects it to the other side. There is more textural information with less dynamics effect.  The thin lines giving it a touch of movement in a settle  manner.  Settle activities with stars. I guessed what I learned from this flyer if I was to work with one color and the element of design to make the layout interesting. I see one color limited me to only one color.  I can have several shades of one color plus black and white. 

I really liked this simple layout using the elements of design

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  1. I think it's really interesting what a designer can do with such tight restrictions. As far as color goes, I think a lot of us get lazy and stick to the default color palette. By doing so we not only settle for a color that's not exactly what we wanted, but we also don't get the most out of color either. In your example the designer uses different shades and tints of blue to make it more appealing and less dull. It's crazy to think of the endless possibilities we have when it comes to color.