Sunday, April 19, 2009


I lately have been noticing advertisement for a new radio station 97.1 FM an RB radio station.  I noticed Rhima on the billboard after the beating she experience in several months ago.  She was the center of public scandal.  I really feel like entertainment leaders are making sure the abusive relationship does not get out of control.  So they are putting in the media and hoping to intervene on domestic violence.   
I wonder about the other black female role models who were in abusive relationship.  I wonder if the entertainment world new about the abuse and kept it quiet to the public.  

A lot of black women were extremely disappointed when Juanita Bynum was in an abusive relationship. They felt like they were deceive.  Now, Rhima scandal has been on the front page of People magazine and has been in the broad cast news.  Why for a change?  Leaders are influencing what is cover to a great degree.  
Back to the ad.  The radio advertisement has made a major different.  People respond to the billboards.  I recall when I was in high school when my friends were aware of the billboards and advertisement.  I found myself going to concert in the park and listening to new radio station because my friends brought to my attention what was going on through advertisement.  They were more aware of advertisement than i was. I was is self pity. I was stuck in the past. 



Another flower hopefully the last of the flowers from my collection of flowers.    The lily the first flower in my collection of flowers was the lily from my front yard.

 I later discovered shooting shots of flowers in my front yard creates wonderful light. Having the large trees over the flowers creates a warm flowing light.  

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The color red means passionate, flirtatious romantic.  means love  

red rose

Another rose, I felt a little self-conscious putting up another rose.  But, Mr. Jones was concerned that I would get lucky shooting a shot once and struggle duplicating it.  The two images of the same thing are to Mr. Jones.  My ability to duplicate the shot means that I have a basic understand of the f-stop.  I blur out the background.   It took me years of practice critic to learn how to shot such an image.  But hard works pays off.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

One Door Closing to Open a New Door

Although I enjoyed taking pictures of flowers, I felt a word needed to run across the image such as "New birth", "Refresh" and "Morning Bliss". I took my first graphic design class at SMC. I was at home. I saw how I could combined both the photography and my hunger to write a word on my image. I felt complete.

The first image of the bouquet flowers that I got a positive response from my instructor represents the closing of one door to open a new door. The flowers were given to me as a gift as I left my job at UCLA as a preschool teacher assistant.

While taking Mr. Larry Jones color photo class at SMC, I began to sense that I landed on something good with my image of my flowers. When I went up to him for critique, the expression of approval that I saw in his eyes said that he like the picture even though it was overexpose. It was impossible to correct the overexpose image but the composition was nice. I had a talent with flowers.

Every so often I may go for a walk and take pictures of flowers in my community. The white rose is a sample of my neighborhood walk. I hope to go to walk in a nice garden such as the Hunting Library. I am attending Cal State Los Angeles, I hope to go to the Hunting Library during a break and focus my images on the flower garden. Some day I hope to go and shoot my heart out.

Some folks told me that I was confused that I did not know what I wanted to do. But, I see how both photography and graphic design can come the two elements coming together.