Sunday, April 19, 2009


I lately have been noticing advertisement for a new radio station 97.1 FM an RB radio station.  I noticed Rhima on the billboard after the beating she experience in several months ago.  She was the center of public scandal.  I really feel like entertainment leaders are making sure the abusive relationship does not get out of control.  So they are putting in the media and hoping to intervene on domestic violence.   
I wonder about the other black female role models who were in abusive relationship.  I wonder if the entertainment world new about the abuse and kept it quiet to the public.  

A lot of black women were extremely disappointed when Juanita Bynum was in an abusive relationship. They felt like they were deceive.  Now, Rhima scandal has been on the front page of People magazine and has been in the broad cast news.  Why for a change?  Leaders are influencing what is cover to a great degree.  
Back to the ad.  The radio advertisement has made a major different.  People respond to the billboards.  I recall when I was in high school when my friends were aware of the billboards and advertisement.  I found myself going to concert in the park and listening to new radio station because my friends brought to my attention what was going on through advertisement.  They were more aware of advertisement than i was. I was is self pity. I was stuck in the past. 


  1. My friend has also been telling me about this new radio station and every since she's pointed it out I've been seeing billboards and bus ads to promote it or to get the word out. Being a new radio station, it's interesting how they rely on celebrities to get people's attention to show that this station plays so and so music.

  2. For me personally, the only radio station billboard ads that left an impression on me were the Big Boy in the morning, Power 106 ads. Maybe because they were very unusual. Seeing a morbidly obese black man up in the sky, spoke loud. The whole campaign was awkward and humorous.

  3. As much as I agree with the people intervening when it comes to abuse, it's another thing to intervene just because of a person's celebrity. It's cool to make it a general statement, like "You should never feel stuck in an abusive relationship. There are people that can help etc." On the art side, I don't know how effective those particular billboards are. I think for the most part they catch your attention for a second, but I've yet to tune in to that station. They could be more eye catching and creative.